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Just a sampling of some of the works David has created

David's pottery - 245
David's pottery - 178
David's pottery - 177
David's pottery - 171
David's pottery - 168
David's pottery - 162
David's pottery - 167
David's pottery - 157
David's pottery - 156
David's pottery - 170
David's pottery - 175
David's pottery - 165
Our work



I've always wanted to be an artist since the age of five, when my Aunt Jean inspired me with her drawings and paintings. I've since taken every opportunity to pursue my love for art as I grew older.

 As my dads job took our family from North Carolina to Pennsylvania in1975, I was immersed into a school system that still taught woodworking, metal smithing, hand-setting metal type,  and the use old printing presses. I made my own note pads complete with glued bindings, I was taught the silkscreening process of hand-cutting the image onto layered film, and stretching the silk onto wooden frames. I was encouraged to make T-shirts for my friends, how awesome was that? I took architecture and mechanical drawing classes, and attempted simple bowls on the  potter's wheel! 

By 1982, my dad's job moved us again back to North Carolina for my Junior year of High School. That next summer,  I applied and was accepted into the NC. School of the Arts in Winston-Salem for a summer session, which focused on drawing, design, and art history.

After high school, I enrolled at the college level in 1984 at Barton College (formerly Atlantic Christian College, Wilson, NC). In my new surroundings as a college student,  I was free to explore every medium the school had to offer. These included graphic arts, painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, and ceramics. I learned elements of design, composition, and color theory, but it  was while studying sculpture,  that my passion for the use of materials and processes was confirmed with clay as my chosen medium. As a Ceramics Major, I explored the potter's wheel, clay and glaze technology, hand building, firing techniques and kiln building. While still in college, I attended the Penland School of Arts, Penland N.C., during a summer session with Michael Sherrill, an internationally acclaimed clay artist. This Penland experience allowed me to meet and be inspired by other clay artists such as Cynthia Bringle, John Ellenbogin, , Robert Carlson, Akio Takamori, and Jane Peiser. 

As a clay artist and potter, many trials and tribulations have come our way, including a severe traumatic brain injury I experienced in 2001. I've held various jobs over the years to sustain us during lean times such as Recovery Analyst for Bank of America, and a hospital based EMT for Cone Health Emergency Departments. My wife and I have two grown sons, that my wife Lori Home-Schooled. We currently operate a full time studio with retail showroom open to the public.  We are trusting God with our future, and give Him all the glory for our achievements. 




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